Tools to Run Your Trades Business Better

Newsroom | 2 min read | June 7, 2024

As a leader in the plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical (PHCE) trades, you’re in charge of your home service business’s future. And, you’re always looking for ways to nurture existing customer relationships, identify new customers, discover better ways to work, and build a strong team to help fuel your success. With the right business coaching and training, you can scale your growth and make a positive impact on your bottom line and your community.

Here are some easy-to-follow tips from our Nexstar Network team to improve your operations, better develop your team, boost your strategic marketing, and refine your leadership so you can reach the next level of success.

Upskill Your Team

It’s true: It’s more expensive to hire new employees than to keep the ones you have. A skilled and motivated team is crucial for any business. By investing in ongoing training and designing a specific workforce development program, you strengthen your team and build a culture of excellence. Moreover, having a positive work culture and a skilled, unified team allows you to hire confidently during times of growth, rather than rushing to reactively replace those who leave.

Streamline Operations with Technology

Implementing the right technology at the right time keeps PHCE businesses competitive. Fine-tune your daily operations and promote growth by leveraging tools for scheduling, dispatching, managing inventory, and customer relationship management (CRM).

Choosing the best software is important, but finding the right partner to help integrate these systems is even more critical. With the right technology and support, you can keep your business running smoothly, allowing you time to focus on offering top-notch service and building the kind of relationships that keep your customers coming back.

Marketing Makes the Phones Ring

Think of your call board as if it were a health check-up: it shows you how well your skilled trades business is doing. A full call board means business is booming; empty spots indicate slower growth and ultimately the need for a strategic marketing plan. Effective targeted marketing efforts are crucial to keep your business top-of-mind with current customers and visible to new ones.

Keep your website updated, manage your online reviews, chart out a paid campaign, and stay active on social media. Use direct mail, print media, and other outlets to get the word out about your business and upcoming promotions.

With the right team of marketing coaches and strategic partners, you can ensure your call board stays full, your phones keep ringing, and your business thrives.

Improve Your Business with Nexstar

With Nexstar Network, you’ll find experienced coaches, trainers, and like-minded peers who know the skilled trades and home services industry inside and out. We offer valuable guidance, strategies and connections for the unique needs of PHCE business owners. Whether it’s optimizing your operations or putting effective marketing strategies into action, you don’t have to face these challenges alone. We’ve been in your shoes and understand what it takes to succeed.

Grow your legacy business through education and sharing. Reach out today to get started and join us on our mission to help the world’s best tradespeople become the world’s best businesspeople.

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