New Strategic Partners Join Nexstar

Newsroom | 4 min read | February 16, 2024

In the new year, Nexstar welcomes several new Strategic Partners to our roster of leading industry vendors that are helping to fuel our members’ business growth and success. Welcome aboard!


Financeit is a leading point-of-sale provider for home improvement financing in Canada. Ultimately, their team supports contractors by helping to increase sales, boost average ticket prices, and expand their customer pool.

Financeit offers a comprehensive suite of tools and technologies designed to simplify complex sales transactions for businesses and their customers. Financeit has been recognized by many reputable associations for the company’s superior technology, including Deloitte and The Globe and Mail. And, their team was recognized with a “Top 100 Financial Technology Companies” award in 2023.


Milwaukee Tool

Founded in 1924, iconic Milwaukee Tool is a global leader in offering innovative solutions that deliver increased productivity and unmatched durability for professional construction users.

Milwaukee Tool invests the time to work side-by-side with professional users to understand the demands of a constantly changing workplace and find out how to deliver solutions for a safer, more productive jobsite. Through thoroughly evaluating the job at hand – the frustrations, needs, and previous limitations – Milwaukee Tool sets out to completely rethink a solution and deliver the game-changing innovation seen across their portfolio of products. Milwaukee Tool is not simply a manufacturer; they are a strong team of progressive problem-solvers.



CHIIRP is proud to be a new Nexstar-approved vendor partner!

Blending the strength of the sales team with automated follow-up is the recipe for maximum conversion. CHIIRP automates this through text, email, and ringless voicemail campaign to help increase conversions and sales.

With deep integrations into ServiceTitan, Housecall Pro, Jobber, Sera, Successware, and others, CHIIRP can ensure that follow-ups are going to the correct customers at the correct time. In addition, CHIIRP’s innovative message broadcast tool enabling contractors to supercharge their outbound efforts and reach former customers via text, email, or voicemail.



Probook is honored to be a trusted AI scheduling and dispatching provider offering a ServiceTitan plug-in to help technicians run more calls, close larger tickets, and generate more profit.

Probook uses historical data to match techs to the right calls and minimize driving time. Contractors are experiencing an 8% boost in average ticket and a 30-40% decrease in driving time, freeing up 20 hours per technician each month. Probook truly shines during your busiest days. For example, on January 15, 2024, when freezing temps shocked the Midwest, Probook helped the TR Miller Heating, Cooling & Plumbing team run 78 demand calls, shattering their previous daily record of 60 and adding $45,000 to their top line in one day.


PSP Products

PSP Products has been providing exceptional solutions to electrical & HVAC installers in the residential, commercial, industrial, and utility markets for over 30 years.

PSP Products surge protection devices are designed and built to deliver superior performance for numerous applications, from individual low-voltage communications to whole industrial facilities, and any residential home in-between. These products offer a three-stage hybrid design that allows them to perform like new, even after years of being in service, regardless of how extreme the environmental conditions are.

The company also specializes in cutting-edge load management solutions for the swiftly growing EV charging market and generator industries. PSP stands out because these products are universal solutions that work with nearly any generator and/or transfer switch combination.


Conduit Wealth Creation

Conduit Wealth Creation specializing in custom service contracts and warranties, brings an unparalleled offering to the table: reinsurance.

Conduit is revolutionizing wealth-building utilizing a strategic approach that allows businesses to tap into tax structures traditionally reserved for large corporations in the insurance industry, unlocking unprecedented avenues for wealth creation through warranty participation. This empowers businesses to keep most of their warranty premiums and optimize their budgets for growth, making Conduit’s approach a game-changer.


Titan Pro Technologies

As a trusted provider of top-notch ServiceTitan consulting and support services, Titan Pro Technologies specializes in navigating businesses of all sizes towards streamlined operations, accelerated growth, and heightened efficiency through the transformative power of ServiceTitan.

Titan Pro Technologies offers comprehensive coaching, training, support, and pricebook services. Moreover, their expertise extends to Marketing Pro setup and configuration support, ensuring a holistic approach to transforming businesses. The cornerstone of their team’s expertise lies in ServiceTitan onboarding and implementation services. As businesses face the monumental task of going live with ServiceTitan, Titan Pro provides a guiding hand, turning this endeavor into an opportunity for growth.


Shock I.T. Support

Shock I.T. Support seamlessly manages all aspects of a contractor’s IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, networks, help desk support, mobile device management, and cybersecurity solutions. Ther expert team also provides tech support for specific IT applications and projects.

In a recent interview, Scott Fcasni, President of Shock I.T. Support, shed light on the company’s latest venture into providing specialized solutions for HVAC companies. Fcasni emphasized the growing significance of technology in the HVAC industry and how his team is poised to address these evolving needs: “We recognized a crucial gap in the market: HVAC companies facing unique IT challenges. Our team has a deep understanding of these challenges, and we wanted to offer tailored solutions that empower these businesses to operate seamlessly in an increasingly digital landscape.”


If you are a Nexstar member, find more details about your Strategic Program here. And, if you’re curious to learn more about joining Nexstar as a member or partner, please click over to our Contact Us page.

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