A Passion for Objections

Newsroom | 4 min read | April 28, 2024

- By Chris Hondl – Nexstar Network Sales Coach

If you look up the word “passion” in the dictionary, one definition is listed as “suffering” or “willing to suffer for.” As a sales coach for Nexstar, one of my passions is teaching others how to work around customer objections. And when it comes to working around objections, this dictionary definition fits. We need to go a bit outside our comfort zone to get the results we’re looking for.

In a previous article, I told the story of how I first created my Objection Bootcamp. What I didn’t share, however, was the “suffering” that occurred as I developed it.

The employees of the very first company to host my Objection Bootcamp gave me a crash course in what I was getting into. I remember walking in the front door feeling energized and nervous, but also confident. I knew I had prepared a strong program that was going to benefit the company I was visiting. Once inside, I was immediately approached by an intense sales manager with a puffed-up chest¬¬– he walked right up to me and said, “Are you the objection guy?”

I replied that I was. He said, “Glad you’re here. We just had an objection that I want the answer to.” He proceeded to lay out this scenario of a customer who was elderly and couldn’t follow the salesperson through the sales process; on top of that, her husband was visiting family in another country, and her son was actually the decision-maker, but he wasn’t there. I was stunned. I could feel my face getting hot. I don’t have that answer, I thought. He’s judging my expertise on this one question.


I share this extreme scenario because it’s the first thing that happened to me, but also because it was followed by hundreds of similar scenarios. I would enter a company to begin the Objection Bootcamp, and the sales team would try to size me up with the craziest scenario they could muster. I also began to realize that the word “objection” isn’t quite the right word for what we were all dealing with. Objections are actually just problems that need to be solved. The customers want to buy, but there’s a problem in the way. As salespeople, we’re really just problem-solvers. At the time, I suffered a bit as I learned to solve all these problems, but my passion to push through created the strong problem-solving program that exists today.

I tell every group I teach: “You literally have to do this a thousand times before you feel comfortable with the problem-solving.” And it’s true. I had to encounter and push through every problem a thousand times before I knew I wouldn’t get blindsided or stumble. You will, too. Eventually, you’ll be able to keep your composure and find a solution that works for the customer, the company, and yourself.

When Jerome Johnson (my amazing colleague and co-Sales Coach) and I finished up the first Sales Objection Bootcamp for Nexstar members, we were happy. (You can read more about that here.)

The Bootcamp had sold out. The sales leaders in attendance now had their own programs to bring back to their teams to ensure mastery of problems like:

  • Price (multiple variations)
  • Repair vs. replace
  • Spouse
  • Shopping around
  • Fake objections
  • And many more!

And, as it turned out, the Sales Objection Bootcamp was so popular that we’ve added another date for our Nexstar members!


Want your team to master overcoming customer objections?

Jun 04, 2024 – Jun 06, 2024

But don’t take my word for it. Here’s feedback from a few attendees who joined us at our first-ever Bootcamp:

“Listening to Jerome and Chris talk how they would handle objections – they are very intentional with their words. They both have that glow where they enter the room and they command it. It’s a gift to have that.” – Doug

“Chris is a true master of teaching and you can tell he’s very prepared and intentional. Great job. Jerome radiates positivity and relates well with the group. Great job.” – Anonymous

“Thank you for finally adding a true advanced sales class. Love that it’s formatted as a workshop so we can take back and train.” – Anonymous

“Very simple and repeatable method.” – Michael

“Coaches were here to answer questions.” – Raymond

“I like how you guys broke the whole system down into small chunks.” – Josh

Join us at our June Sales Objection Workshop, Nexstar members. Let’s get into the art of problem-solving together!

Chris Hondl serves as one of two Nexstar Network Sales Coaches. If you are a Nexstar member interested in upcoming trainings, visit our member website. If you’re not a Nexstar member, but you’re curious to learn more, please visit our Contact Us page.

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