An Objection Bootcamp Ten Years in the Making

Newsroom | 3 min read | February 5, 2024

- By Chris Hondl, Nexstar Sales Coach

This was it! It was finally happening!

I was sitting in an interview I had worked hard to get. I sat down with the director and tried to hide my sweaty, shaking hands under the table, so as not to broadcast how nervous I was. I was interviewing for my first sales training position. This was the opportunity to marry my two passions in life: teaching and sales. In the first years of my career, I had been a teacher. At the time of the interview I was so nervous about, I was a veteran salesperson for a company with locations across the country. In that job, I was consistently in the top 10% of 180+ salespeople.

We begin the interview with normal questions. It seemed like things were going well. Then the director said, “Oh, I forgot to tell you: This role isn’t just any sales training role. Currently, we use a third-party company that does all of our presentation and objection trainings across the country. We’re looking to move away from them and build a nationwide program internally. We pay them a lot of money and it would make more sense if we could do it ourselves. Are you comfortable doing that?”

Time stopped and my stomach started twisting in knots. That wasn’t what I thought this job was at all! What a huge undertaking! And that company was the gold standard! How could I offer them anything on this level?

Despite my wild thoughts, I calmly looked at him and said, “Of course. What a great opportunity!”

This was the moment my Objection Bootcamp started. At this new job (which I got!), I built a bootcamp that focused exclusively on presentation and objections, and did it a way that was transparent and fair to both the company and the customers. My main objective was to out-perform the previous third-party vendor in terms of closing percentage and average sale. This happened quickly, and we never looked back.

As the bootcamp grew and its results got noticed, it began to catch the attention of much larger organizations. Teams from reputable companies like Hendrick Automotive would fly in from out of town to see my bootcamp. Their feedback was exhilarating, and this ultimately contributed to a first-of-its-kind partnership for the company I worked for. This is also how my path eventually aligned with Nexstar Network.

Today, at Nexstar, we’re preparing to launch the first Nexstar Sales Objection Bootcamp. From March 5–7, in New Brunswick, NJ, sales leaders from all over the country can learn to build their own Objection Bootcamp to bring back to their teams. This intensive three-day session will help attendees master objections such as:

  • Price (multiple variations)
  • Repair vs. replace
  • Spouse
  • Shopping around
  • Fake objections
  • And many more!

At Nexstar, our enhanced bootcamp can extend for up to a year where an entry-level investment allows our members to take advantage of a one-month check-in, a three-month test, and a six-month scoring exercise. And, we also include an incremental offer that includes a nine-month onsite certification.

The Objection Bootcamp is new to Nexstar members, and I’m so excited to be able introduce it! For me, the Objection Bootcamp is 10 years old, but it’s always being updated and advanced. As we enter this chapter together, I can’t help but reflect on some of the actions I’ve seen that have made previous sales companies successful.

Nexstar members can share in the same success through this workshop. Here are a few points to consider along the way:

  • Believe in the mindset “Price is only an issue in the absence of value.”
  • Commit to practicing your craft daily: “Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.”
  • You can say anything you want as long as you say it respectfully.
  • 90% of the objections are in our heads.
  • “No” means “Not enough information.”
  • You are the toughest thing to sell.
  • Customers call you to buy. They can buy and they will buy if we do our jobs.
  • There are no silver bullets – only golden BBs.

When our members attend the Objection Bootcamp and follow the processes they’ll learn about, they will discover there’s a tool for every objection you encounter!

Chris Hondl serves as a Nexstar Network Sales Coach and travels the country supporting our members and their teams. If you are a Nexstar member interested in upcoming trainings, visit our member website. If you’re not a Nexstar member, but you’re curious to learn more, please visit our Contact Us page.

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