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Nexstar Network members benefit from a combined purchasing power that allows them to save time and increase profit on goods and services they buy. Nexstar partners support our members with a combination of dealer discounts and rebates on products or services. We monitor our partners’ service levels and hold them to the highest standard—the Nexstar Network Code of Ethics.

The Strategic Partner Program gives me the opportunity to continue to run my business because I do not have to get into the due diligence process and spend time checking vendor references.

I have confidence every time I pick up the phone. Barnett manages about 80% of our inventory and carries it for us. We’ve seen a 1.5% decrease in material costs over the past three years, allowing us to not tie-up our inventory and cash flow. It has had a positive impact on our profit, not to mention valuable cash rebates.

Mike Cottle
Cole Services
Member Since 2006

members paid at least half of their dues or all of the dues


of our members use the Strategic Partner program

million paid in the last 4 quarters

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