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Call Center Training Creates Superior Customer Service

Online Training

Nexstar offers online training that supports our classroom training and the ideology of Nexstar’s Call Center Excellence coaches. CSRs and dispatchers have their own website to watch video modules, participate in e-learning courses and download scripts, tools and visual aids.

The online content supports key concepts like: billable hour efficiency, effectively booking service calls, how to reschedule customers and outbound calling.

Check It Out

Ready to experience Nexstar’s online call center training? Check out this video from Nexstar’s Customers First video series. Titled Sympathy vs. Empathy, the video lesson stresses how important it is for customer service representatives to demonstrate that they care about their customers’ experiences, concerns and feelings on every call. Click the play button to watch.



Classroom Training

Nexstar offers the most comprehensive Residential Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling call center training in the industry. All of our training is participant-centered, meaning that we approach training from the learner’s perspective, making our content engaging and easy to understand, practice and implement.

Our classes include:

Call Center School: A 3-day course for call center representatives. Call center managers and dispatchers gain a lot from this class as well.


Dispatch School: The only course in the industry dedicated to helping dispatchers maximize opportunities.

Call Center Management School: Dives deep on the best ways to support call center representatives and dispatchers with a strong emphasis on processes that drive the business forward.

Call Center School Introduction


Dispatch School Introduction


What Nexstar Members Think:


What Nexstar Members Think:


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