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Some contractors want quick sales and profit growth, some want help with business budgeting and others want to find employees to help grow their business. We know everyone has their own story and that’s okay. Once on board, your job is to implement with our full support. We’re at your side during your first year, intently guiding you. As a result, you’ll get rapid results because you have access to proven systems and training, a team of experienced coaches and mentoring from peers who want to help you succeed. Get familiar with our systems and services to the right.

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The Power Of The Network

The peer connections you make as a Nexstar will be lifelong and invaluable. To get you started, Nexstar has a connections coach that will get you introduced and find ways for you to connect with contractors.

Nexstar Systems

• Technician customer service and sales training via the Nexstar Service System
• Call center management training and support for customer service representatives and dispatchers
• Service management training
• Nexstar Service Partner Plan Program (easy-to-implement maintenance plans for your customers)
• Nexstar Invoice System
• Nexstar HVAC Sales System
• Nexstar Sewer Sales and Replacement training

Nexstar Services

• Coaching to get you priced right via the Nexstar Profit Pricer
• Personalized business coaching: operations/financial/marketing
• Strategic Partner Program (saving you time and money through rebates and discounts)
• Members-only social network
• Upfront pricing book with visuals
• Peer Profit Comparison (monthly financial benchmarking tool)
• Recruiting help via job boards and onboarding programs
• Enjoy owner and leadership tools and training on our website
• Grant your technicians, sales-staff and call center employees access to their own training and tools website
• Annual benchmarking surveys on financial health, employee engagement and customer service

Membership Levels

Gold Membership

All-inclusive, gold members receive 110 gold points valued at $100 each. These points can be used for Nexstar schools, events and on-site coaching within a twelve-month period. The gold level includes our complete offering of support, materials, schools, events and market area protection.

Silver Membership

Our most popular level, a silver membership includes our complete offering of support, materials, schools and events. Tuition for schools and events is à la carte. The silver level has full membership benefits and market area protection.

Our Canadian Membership Is Growing!

Although we’re headquartered in the United States, Nexstar has grown to include many successful and industry-leading Canadian members and we’re always hoping to have more Canadians join us! To support our Canadian members, we’re adding more strategic partners that support Canada and providing training opportunities throughout the provinces. International members also pay dues and fees in their native currency, which is an added bonus. Click below to learn more about how our Canadian members have benefited from their Nexstar membership.

Dan Friesen
Nexstar Master Trainer, lives and works in Lethbridge, Alberta.

Arnie Shaw
owner of Centennial 360 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has served on Nexstar’s Board of Directors.

Don Snow
of Clearview Plumbing & Heating in Calgary, Alberta, shares how Nexstar training has given him a new outlook on his business.

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