Our coaches know where you are, help you see where to go, and show you exactly how to get there.

We put experts at your fingertips year-round so you can make decisions with even more confidence. You’ll get business, marketing, call center, finance and recruiting coaches assigned to your company. They’ll learn it, live it, and customize solutions for you.

Nexstar members receive unlimited coaching from the best in the business.

Unlike many organizations or associations, all of our coaches are Nexstar employees, so they have a vested interest in your success. Their subject matter expertise is industry specific. And they pride themselves on being responsive.


As a primary point of contact, your Nexstar business coach has been in your shoes – each has owned or operated their own large PHCE business. With experience at all levels of business before becoming a coach, they know how to make a positive impact.


It’s been said that the greatest resource a business has walks in and out of its doors every day. Your recruiting & retention coach will help you position your business as an employer of choice, so you can recruit and keep the best and the brightest in the industry.


Your call center is the most important initial point-of-contact your customers will have with your business. Having a coach who can help your customer service representatives treat every interaction with care and professionalism is critical. Our coaches know the ropes and will help your people, and your business, grow.


There are new marketing channels to know every year. From traditional advertising to digital marketing, our coaches will help to get your phone ringing by guiding you through the complex and ever-changing world of SEO, pay-per-click, social media, brand building, guerrilla marketing and whatever is next.


The finance coaches at Nexstar know how to implement processes and procedures to produce timely and accurate reports that will allow you to make business decisions based on fresh data. They know Nexstar best practices and most importantly, they enjoy working with members to help them achieve lasting growth.


Joining Nexstar puts your business on a whole new positive trajectory. Onboarding and training your team is critical. We have dedicated coaches who know how to put the processes in place from day one and work with you to make the training stick for real business impact.


Training technicians is the key to your future growth and ultimate success. Our coaches have more than specific technical experience, they’ve helped build our proprietary online technical training program. NexTech Academy coaches are the best in the business.


As a business owner, it’s hard to take time to connect with other operators, but those kinds of connections are invaluable. Your Nexstar connections coach will help leverage those relationships to help you share experiences, and get and/or give support and insights.

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