Service System: Clearing Our Own Objections to Help Others Find Clarity in Theirs

Newsroom | 3 min read | December 11, 2023

- By Thad David, Nexstar Network Master Trainer

As a trainer for Nexstar Network, I recently celebrated a milestone: I facilitated my 200th three-day training. Of those 200 courses, most have been Service System, a favorite program for me to train others on, and it’s also a flagship offering at Nexstar.

One of my favorite parts of the training is preparing mentally for the common objections that participants – mostly skilled technicians within our Nexstar membership – bring with them: Why am I here? Is this death by PowerPoint? For them, it’s essential to focus on their end-goal – they’re at Service System training to learn to provide great service to customers. They’re also there to learn to clear the common objections they encounter in a customer’s home, such as Why is the price so high; I need to talk to a spouse; and I need to think it over, to name a few.

Service System aside, we all share one common challenge, which is that change can be difficult. We all want to see a difference in our professional or personal lives, yet we haven’t connected our own responsibility to making a difference. This just means that some of us want the world around us to change without us making an adjustment in our own thoughts or behaviors. But until we locate our fingerprints on what we want to change, we will be unable to find a solution.

It can be difficult to figure out how to begin a change, let alone actually change long-term, which is why at Service System we begin with internal changes first. We assess our own mental state and how we impact the world around us, which then allows trainers to lend support to participants as they discover their own reasoning behind why they want to change or adopt a new process. With a strong enough “why,” the “how” gets easier.

Because it starts internally for attendees, Service System offers a unique perspective on how we all show up in our day-to-day lives with our family and friends. The positive feedback we receive from participants shows how this approach changes lives at work, as well as at home. This type of change is lasting and meaningful, a measurable added value.

Once participants have a strong “why” with a solid plan for moving forward and are in a powerful positive state, we can then begin to look at how our behaviors and words impact the customers in their homes. The actions we take, words we say, and how we show up are paramount to delivering a 5-star experience to every homeowner.

We take a deep dive into building trust, exploring the customer’s actual issues, and building value on the service call. Only then is it time to present the homeowner with options. A common piece of feedback we hear from participants is that once they changed their process and adjusted how they showed up using Service System, their need for objection-clearing tools diminished. When you confidently run a process that empowers the homeowner, the homeowner tends to say, “Yes.” The Service System helps technicians create rapport with customers, and it is this rapport that helps to guide customers through their own objections

For me, the biggest lesson that I get from each training stems from this core concept: Change only happens with change. And I can only change myself. When I do, that’s enough to change the world around me.

Thad David is a Nexstar Network Master Trainer and travels the country supporting our Nexstar members and their teams with best-in-class training for those individuals working on the frontline, in the office, and in leadership roles. In his free time, he has a passion for storytelling and created a personal podcast series titled On Your Lead, which offers Veterans and listeners a pathway forward through inspiring conversations with guests who have overcome high hurdles.

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