Members Maintain A Competitive Advantage Through Marketing

Newsroom | 1 min read | July 27, 2023

During times of economic uncertainty, home service contracting businesses frequently face the difficult decision of where to cut costs. All too often, marketing is seen as an easy target. Strategically, however, this isn’t the best approach. Marketing becomes even more important during an economic downturn by helping business owners maintain a competitive advantage over competitors.

By investing in a consistent marketing presence, contractors can stay top-of-mind and attract new customers. This is particularly important if your competitors are reducing their marketing efforts, as it can create an opportunity for your business to gain market share. During tough economic times, customers also tend to become more price-sensitive; they may be more likely to switch to a cheaper alternative. By investing in marketing efforts that emphasize the value of your products or services, you can build a loyal customer base that will continue to choose your business, even during a recession. Good marketing can also help you stay connected with your existing customers and communicate any changes or updates to your products or services.

Contracting business owners have a lot on their plate. And let’s face it: the world of marketing is vast and can be hard to navigate! Nexstar Network understands this. That’s why we’ve partnered with some of the best marketing agencies and experts in the home services industry to help our members succeed and grow, no matter the current economy.

The following new case studies highlight several Nexstar members that have joined forces with our Strategic Partners to pivot their marketing spend, tailoring their approach to target the right customers at the right time:

  • CAMP Digital with Peterman Brothers: We Make Your Phones Ring Download Case study
  • pulseM and Customer Lobby with Lasko Services: Customer Reviews Matter Download Case study
  • Scorpion with Rescue Air: Our Only Goal is to Help You Reach yours Download Case study
  • Johnson Media Group with Beltz Home Service Co.: Creating Effectiveness Through Efficiency Download Case study
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