A New Year Leads to a Newly Formatted Workshop

Newsroom | 2 min read | February 21, 2024

- by Lisa Kinney, Leadership & Culture Coach

Only two months in, and 2024 has been quite a year! Last month, I took in my first AHR Expo – the epic, high-energy tradeshow at Chicago’s McCormick Place included a never-ending schedule of informative presentations paired with innovative products and wonderful people with a passion for our industry.

It was an honor to attend AHR, and through a partnership with Women in HVACR, I led an engaging conversation around how company culture impacts recruiting efforts. One of my favorite moments was a partner share exercise. Attendees were having so much fun and so engaged, that I couldn’t get their attention back to the front of the room. I guess that’s when you know you’ve hit upon a hot topic! I admired how willing participants were to share their company tactics with each other, after all, we are all working together to build a successful and sustainable trades labor pool. Everyone in the room understood that without a strong organizational culture, your efforts in recruiting are wasted.

Then, on the heels of AHR, I was able to help continue that meaningful conversation during a brand new, three-day Leadership and Culture Workshop tailored for our Nexstar members. Co-facilitator Heath Betts and I worked for months to build and create a collaborative program that focuses on our members’ company culture and effective strategies to create a healthy and positive environment for everyone in the organization.

Our content focuses on helping attendees understand what it takes to inject their strengths as an individual, and to rely on those distinct strengths to propel their team to the highest level of leadership – meaning attaining a view from the top that could never be accomplished alone. Heath and I focus on the personal journey and how to bring others along with you. Our goal is to ensure attendees leave the workshop with a strategic plan to take their leadership to the next level, as well as a framework for nurturing and enhancing their businesses culture at every level.

Coming off the January workshop, we were humbled to hear some thoughtful feedback from attendees. As we started reading some of the testimonials, it meant the world to us to learn that the workshop content and flow did indeed hit the mark. For example, Derrick Campbell, Regional Sales Manager for Best Care Home Services shared his thoughts:

“In 18 years of service in the trades, 10 of those being in management, I thought I knew what it takes to be a good MANAGER. What I found out was, I didn’t know what it meant to truly be a good LEADER and that there is a difference. Heath and Lisa opened my eyes to what it means to be a LEADER. I would HIGHLY recommend this class to all owners, managers, executives, and anyone with ambitions to lead a team one day. Fantastic Experience!”

Now looking ahead, Heath and I have the privilege to prepare for another Leadership & Culture Workshop, March 19-21st in Denver, CO. If you are a Nexstar member interested in learning more about this exciting new offering available to you and your senior leadership team, please click here for more information. If you are not a Nexstar member, but curious to learn more about our mission to help the world’s best tradespeople become the world’s best businesspeople, contact our team today.

Lisa Kinney serves Nexstar Network members as a Leadership and Culture Coach. She brings more than 15 years of experience supporting business leaders with all aspects of talent management, and specializes in helping to create engaging workplace cultures.

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