An Introductory Course To Nexstar Membership
Bringing leaders together to create alignment in mission, vision and behavior.

Operational Excellence is the perfect kick-off to Nexstar membership, but those who attend this class may find tenured Nexstar members participating as well. Why? Well, as organizations grow and change they may need dedicated time to focus on leadership team alignment.

During Leadership Mastery, the Nexstar Eight Laws For Double-Digit Profits will be introduced. Attendees will also spend time training on the critical components for operational excellence that lead to business growth.

Attendees should expect to get the following from Operational Excellence:

An operations analysis tool to gauge how you currently function as a business.

A cultural analysis tool to gain deeper insight into your existing company values and culture.

An action plan that you can implement immediately. You will also be able to share this with your business coach. They can help you with follow-up and follow-through.

New Nexstar members will work with their business coach to get enrolled in this class ASAP after joining. Operational Excellence is offered three times a year at our headquarters in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. You’ll get to check out our beautiful offices, meet the Nexstar staff that will be supporting you and make peer connections with other new Nexstar members!

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