Training For Every Role

Online and In-Person Training Options Abound. Available Exclusively To Nexstar Network Members. Explore Below.

Customer Service & Sales 

Advanced Sales & Service

Provides an advanced understanding of customer interactions that lead to positive buying experiences, five-star reviews, and repeat business.

Call Center

Customer service representatives are your company’s most important brand ambassadors. This class is designed to help maximize the number of booked calls coming into your company while also ensuring a five-star first impression. Find out more about this training.


This class will help dispatchers work more successfully with understanding and purpose. Topics include effective communication, key performance indicators, and effective optimization of the daily schedule. Find out more about this training.

Electrical Sales

Builds on the skills learned in the Nexstar Service System. Members will apply the six-step process directly and specifically to the electrical opportunities in customers’ homes. Find out more about this training.

HVAC Sales

Is laser focused on the transaction that occurs when a customer needs replacement HVAC equipment. Participants will learn the six-step process that intentionally clears objections and results in successful sales transactions. Find out more about this training.

HVAC Service System

Is built on the content from our standard Service System training with an added emphasis on a thorough evaluation of the entire HVAC system, including specific communication best practices. Find out more about this training.

Inside Sales

Teaches participants to revive unsold items from service and sales proposals and recover revenue with outbound calling strategies. They’ll learn what types of calls to work with and specific call progressions.

Install for Service Systems

Is a two-day class that offers installers a process to follow to ensure clear communication with the customer, accurate and timely delivery of the products and services purchased, and five-star execution of every step along the way.

NexTech Academy

Is an online, self-paced technical training program that integrates Nexstar best practices with step-by-step technical training and will help an employee with little trade experience become a confident and competent technician

Service System

Is Nexstar’s flagship training for in-home plumbing, HVAC and electrical service technicians. It offers a proven six-step program to deliver five-star service to every customer.

Sewer Sales

Will walk technicians or drain techs through the process of taking routine drain stoppages, identifying needs for sewer line replacements, and helping educate and guide customers on their options. Find out more about this training.



Business Planning

Is for member owners and key managers who are responsible for leading and achieving their company vision and goals. Members will create a detailed annual budget and action plan for the company. Find out more about this training.

Call Center Management

Teaches managers how to balance the roles of CSRs and DSRs in order to book the right calls, and how to maximize each of those opportunities. Find out more about this training.

Financial Management

Teaches participants to read, understand, and manage three key financial documents: the profit and loss statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. Participants will learn the process to efficiently close out monthly financials and more.

Internet Marketing

Will provide the latest information and best practices on every aspect of internet marketing, including website design, search engine optimization, local search, pay-per-click, social media, email marketing, mobile, review management and more. Find out more about this training.

Operational Excellence

Trains members on how to bring leadership teams together to create alignment in mission, vision, and behavioral habits. It’s a deep dive into the Eight Laws of Double-Digit Profit. Find out more about this training.

Leadership Spotlight

Is an annual conference and all business leaders and managers are encouraged to attend. Members will spend two days hearing from top keynote speakers in the field of leadership and management. Find out more about this training.

Marketing Planning

Has participants working side-by-side with Nexstar’s marketing coaches to learn more about marketing and to write a 12-month marketing plan. The coaches will cover every aspect of marketing. Find out more about this training.

Peer Groups

Are an opportunity to learn from your peers and provide help and guidance to fellow Nexstar members. You’ll gain knowledge from members facing the same issues you are each day. Find out more about this training.

Recruiting & Retention

Teaches participants how to develop a recruiting mindset, how to identify and strengthen their company’s employer brand, and how to become an employer of choice so that prospective employees will seek you out. Find out more about this training.

Sales & Install Management

Teaches the process of turning leads into sales, turning those sales into completed installs, and doing so in a way that ensures the customer is completely satisfied.

Service Management

Is for member owners and key managers looking to streamline the essential operations of a service department to develop employees and drive sales. Members will learn how to do away with time thieves and how to coach their technician teams.

Super Meeting

Is the annual 3-day event that jumpstarts a member’s entire year. Any management personnel or employees involved in business operations are encouraged to join their company owner at this event. Find out more about this training.

Training Mastery

Is focused on the skills needed to facilitate the weekly training needs of a business. Members will learn how to create impactful, 30-minute training segments that are participant-centered.



How do you find good people in the plumbing, HVAC and electrical industry?

Train your own.
NexTech Academy curriculum integrates Nexstar best practices with step-by-step technical training and will help an employee with little trade experience become a confident and competent technician.

While enrolled in NexTech Academy, learners will:

  • Read about the foundations of the trade
  • Complete interactive exercises and watch videos
  • Prove their knowledge through quizzes
  • Show their new skills through manager-observed skill assessments
  • Pass each level with the guidance of a dedicated technical coach
  • Work through the program at their own pace

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