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Thad was an excellent trainer! He was very thorough and always made sure we understood new concepts and always gave opportunity to ask questions. I really appreciated the break schedule as well. I believe that the strategically planned breaks really helped keep me focused. Great job Thad! I look forward to your video updates and I hope that you come back soon!

Dan is an amazing human being, This class has not only given me amazing tools that help me give my customers a 5 star experience, it has also bettered my personal life with my family. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to learn from such a great class. Thank you Nexstar, and thank you Dan from the bottom of my heart. You Need This Class!!!

I had the pleasure of attending the service program with Dan. It was an amazing, eye opening experience. I came in with the attitude that it was sales training. I was really wrong. It opened my eyes to making a difference to my customers lives as well as my own. It truly is life changing. I recommend this program to ANYONE. I would give 6 stars if I could. Great Job Dan and I look forward to the Advanced class this year!

This seminar was amazing. Not only did it help me with work, it helped me with my personal life as well. Dan was amazing and very knowledgeable on all he taught. I am so glad I got to participate in the seminar. Can't wait for another training like this.

Thad was an excellent trainer. Been in management a few years and his service system course showed me there is no end to how much you can learn. Experience was fantastic as all Nexstar events are. 100% will recommend this to every company I speak to.

I have just spent the last three days with Bobby at a Nexstar class in Destin Florida with my company, Peaden Air-Conditioning Plumbing and Electrical. I Began this class with a little hesitation on what the outcome would be but quickly realized that it was not about succeeding but learning how not to fail and becoming better at what you already know and what you already do. I believe I can use the information in a positive way not only for my customers and my company but for my family and for my lifestyle. The first day was very straightforward this is what we’re going to do. The second day began to lay back and become comfortable with what you were doing, and by the third day it was more about learning and actions. The biggest thing I took away from this class was that you are perfect and exactly how you are now but if you think a little outside of the box you can become outstanding for you, your company and your family. Thank you so much Bobby for the last few days and all of the information and how you presented it. You’re very good at what you do and I hope that my level of customer satisfaction can reach higher than my expectations by the actions and procedures you have taught.

Spent 3 days at the Advanced Sales & Service class. Dan was our instructor and he was great. It was a class that the three of us from Clover Electric will be able to grow our skills with this information for years to come.

Thank you to the entire team at Nexstar.

Dan was a very amazing and understanding trainer. He gave me more insight than I thought I was going to get. Everything was about advanced sales but there’s so many things he showed me that I can apply to my family and my life to make better and just enjoy. THE JOURNEY IS THE DESTINATION!!!