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Soaring With Eagles

The Life and Legacy Of Frank J. Blau Jr.

Soaring With Eagles chronicles the life and business ventures of Frank J. Blau, a visionary and pioneer in the residential home services industry. This title will take you on a journey that begins with Frank’s humble roots moves on through his rise in the home services industry and reflects on his involvement in the creation of Nexstar Network, the first professional organization for Residential Plumbing, Electrical, Heating and Cooling contractors. Readers will be inspired by his compassion, business acumen and commitment to improve an industry that is so essential to the health and wellness of the world.

The Business of Contracting

The NEW Business of Contacting eBook includes 77 articles from Frank Blau’s®  Plumbing & Mechanical magazine articles over the years. Blau preaches success and has dedicated his life to helping others through his seminars and knowledge. As an industry icon, Blau has compiled his years of knowledge and business knowhow into this great eBook that will open your eyes to all of the things you could be doing to grow your business. The articles in this book have helped convert thousands of unprofitable businesses into models of financial success. Why don’t you add yours to that list? Blau doesn’t put it to you easy; he tells it like it is. But if you ‘take the medicine’ you will thank him for years to come. 

On the Shoulders of Giants

For the past 25 years, Nexstar Network’s mission has been to provide everything the independent residential plumbing, HVAC, and electrical contractor needs to succeed. In On the Shoulders of Giants, Nexstar’s CEO Jack Tester has articulated for the first time, with passion and conviction, the organization’s overall philosophy and thinking all in one place, capturing for the next generation all that Nexstar has learned specifically for owners of plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical businesses.

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