Many marketers believe that the average consumer is subjected to 5000 marketing messages a day. This probably seems hard to believe. Why? Because you don’t notice most messages, and many of those you do notice, you don’t remember. Why is that? You typically don’t notice and remember messages for products that you’re not in the market for. Case in point: The other day I asked a person who’d lived her whole life in one city to name a plumbing company. She couldn’t name a single one. Why? Most days she’s not in the market for plumbing, so even though she likely passes service trucks on a regular basis, for example, she doesn’t notice or remember any of them.

 What can you do about this? One big thing you can do is to make sure your company stands out. Don’t be afraid to use bold colors and attention-getting images. The bigger you go, the better your chances of being seen and remembered. One caution, though: Don’t seek to just attract attention. You also want people to understand your marketing messages. If your truck design is a circus of colors, words, abstract images and photographs, many people will look, but you may create more confusion than clarity.

Finally, a key goal is for people to like what they see. The more they like how you present yourself, the more they’ll like and remember your company.

Here’s a simple rule: Make sure your marketing speaks loudly but in a way that people find appealing and memorable. Or as I often say: Be seen, liked and remembered. That’s good marketing.