Bring some fun back into your call center—you’ll find that it will actually help drive results! Here’s how:

  1. Lay out your goals. Before introducing any fun and games, you need to make sure your call center employees are aware of their goals.
  2. Break up the day into manageable chunks. Big goals can be broken into smaller goals, and make a point of recognizing your people when those goals are reached! Try doing something like ringing a bell or shooting a Nerf gun when they reach those smaller goals.
  3. Reward your team for reaching the bigger goals. Contests don’t have to involve money! If they surpass their goals, let them have a casual dress day, or give the top CSR your parking spot for a week.
  4. Use games in your training. When you gather for training, incorporate gamified learning. You can borrow from the experts: Try using a modified, call center version of “Wheel of Fortune” or “Jeopardy.”
  5. Check your own attitude. As a leader, you contribute to creating a positive work culture—make sure you’re setting the right tone for your staff, each and every day.

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