By Brad Martin, Nexstar Network Business Coach

Every business owner needs more time to work on the business.  That time is hard to come by when issues are coming up every fifteen minutes. Consider a method I have used for years. I call it the “Doctor’s Appointment Method”. At the beginning of the week, set aside two hours during the week to just work on the business. It is a time when you can block everything out and concentrate on what is happening in the company and where you want to go with the business, maybe a time to dream a little.

Block the time off on your Outlook calendar. Surely your business can function for two hours during the week without you at the helm. During that time, shut your door, shut off the phone calls, and shut off your cell phone. The time is even more productive if you spend it in a quiet conference room or some area where you will not be disturbed.

It is a great time to just think about the issues that are facing your company and how you might address them. You can build an “Action Plan” for things that you want your company to accomplish during the next three months, or work on the assignments that your business coach has assigned to you.  After a couple of times you will find the time away liberating and fun. It is exciting to take some time to think about what your company could be in the future. Change in your company only comes when you have a plan for implementing that change.

What happens if I need to cancel the appointment?  You find that you are having a busy day or a salesman drops by.  If you had a doctor’s appointment, would you cancel it?  Usually you wouldn’t. We all tend to make it to the doctor.  I suggest that you treat these meetings the same way. Only cancel the appointments with yourself if you would call a doctor at the last minute and cancel that appointment.  Working on your business is just as important as making it to a doctor’s appointment.

Isn’t your company’s health important, too? Of course it is! It is important to a lot of people including yourself, your family, your employees, their families and your customers. It deserves a couple of hours a week for you to give it a proper diagnosis and a plan of treatment. You can then be prepared to work with your business coach on your thoughts, your ideas and your action plan. I urge you to give it a try and see the progress you can make. Wait a few weeks and see the changes you explore come to life in your business. It is exciting to see one of your ideas manifest itself in your company’s operations.

Remember you can cancel the appointment, but only if you would cancel a doctor’s appointment under the same conditions.