Recently, on the Nexstar bulletin board, the following question was posed:

“When you have one or two technicians that are consistently getting huge gold star checks each month and really outshining the competition, should you continue to publicly hand out their gold star checks each month or move it to a more private award so it doesn’t make the other employees begrudge or dislike the star performer?”

Our Nexstar board of directors president, Tammy Ferris, responded,

Public recognition is important to performers.  I would not focus my conversation around the non-performers.  If your goals are fair and the same people continually get the prize, then maybe you need to think hard about the non-performers.

It is what it is.  People win, if you take away their reward, they will stop playing the game.

I’d capitalize on it.  I’d publicize it more, I’d put it in my newsletter that I send to the employees home so the wives of the ones not getting those checks might put some pressure on!

Their jealousy or anger or dislike is not focused on the people winning it is really targeted at themselves, because secretly they want to be the winner, but are probably not willing to do what it takes.  So help them by coaching and mentoring them.

Low performers start to victimize high performers when they lose faith in themselves.  You can help them with this.  Good luck!!!