We know how important training is.  We train our CSR’s, we train our technicians, we train our managers and we train ourselves.  Training is not a one and done.  It is an ongoing process that is never over and a vital component to a successful business.  Train the Trainer for Service System is different than any other training that you may have experienced in the past.  It will change how YOU train and how your EMPLOYEES respond.  Simply said, Train the Trainer gives you the most bang for your buck since the training effects EVERYONE.

How many times have you spent countless hours preparing for a training session?  Hours spent developing a power point presentation and instruction on how to sell or fix the latest widget.  Two days of your life spent preparing and then the information is delivered to your team over the next 2 hours.  You finish the training session and send the team out to deliver spectacular results and the results are less than spectacular.  Uggghhh the frustration!

The problem with this type of training is that the employees don’t retain the information that you have given them.  In Nexstar Train the Trainer for Service System, you will learn how to spend less time preparing for training, less time instructing your employees and achieve 1000 times better results.  We call this do less more!  Do less, get more results!

The best part of this class is, although the training focuses on how to effectively train the Nexstar Service System, this type of training can be applied to any topic.  The concept is the same; but the topic may be different.  The technique can be used for Company meetings, technical training, process development, call center training…even parenting.

When I attended a Train the Trainer class nearly 10 years ago, it changed my life.  It can change yours too.  I promise you your meetings and training sessions will never be the same.

Check out how master trainer, Dan Friesen, has to say about kick starting your training. Acquire the Skills To Impact Others