If you are running a Pay Per Click (i.e. Google Adwords) program, a key factor to check is what keyword terms people searched that brought up your ad.  You may find that your ad appears for terms like Plumbing Parts or Window Air Conditioner or for types of equipment you don’t offer or for cities that you don’t service.  Even worse, you may find that people searching for those terms clicked on your ad. And then nobody was happy: the consumer didn’t get what they wanted and you had to pay for that click.

1)      Review your keyword list. Some vendors load up a standard list for your trade, but perhaps you don’t service well pumps or oil furnaces.  Remove those keywords. Conversely, you may offer geothermal or home theater wiring and want to add those keywords. Also make sure words are correct for your specific market – for example, a garbage disposal is called a garburator in Canada.

2)      Review your geo-targeting and localization keywords to see that your campaign covers the appropriate service area

3)      Check to see whether your vendor is using [exact match], “phrase match” and/or -negative keywords to prevent your ad from showing up for searches that include terms you don’t want such as parts, schools, window, car, cheap etc. For more information on keyword matching types, visit http://support.google.com/adwords/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=6100