With any aspect of business training or self-improvement many owners in the PHCE industries are looking for a quick fix, or magic pill. Let’s relate this to personal health goals. You may evaluate yourself as overweight and think that training for a marathon will help you lose those extra pounds. While running may help to move the needle a little at first, research indicates that your body will acclimate to distance running and will shut off its “fat burning switch”. You will start to run farther and farther and achieve less of your intended results!

Where did you go wrong?  You worked hard (extremely hard) and you put in many miles – it should have worked! Unfortunately, you embarked on a strategic plan to lose weight, without consulting a professional with expertise in this field. Resulting in you expending time and energy in a direction you did not intend on going (running a marathon when you really just wanted to lose weight).

When you do see a qualified professional they know the correct process to help you achieve your goals. The first thing they will do is test your vital statistics to ensure your body can handle the stress of a new workout activity. Next they will set reasonable goals with specifically timed check-ins to track the  benchmarks for your success. With this approach you are working more efficiency towards your goal.

Fast forward to your independent home service business. You want to see your team perform at a higher level so you send them to training. They come back excited, and their performance spikes immediately.  However they do not sustain this momentum and eventually go back to their old behaviors of performance. Your team is still working hard but the results have fallen off – sound familiar? Where did you go wrong? You did not consult with anyone who specializes in business and technician training who can guide you through the process, such as a Nexstar® Network Training Implementation Coach.

These experts can help identify the vital stats of the employees you intend to send to technician or call center training.  Are they “fit” enough to handle the training? They may need some onboarding or pre-training work in your shop to be capable of accepting the information presented at the off-site training. You’ll need a list of key stats to measure, appropriate timelines for checking in and benchmarks to track progress – or a proven business training process. With this approach you will be more effective in working toward your goal of having a highly trained workforce. Most importantly you will have the “vital” stats to track so you can sustain the momentum they come back from training with. You must be willing to commit to continuing the training when they return if you want the maximum return on investment.

As crazy as this may sound, the easiest part of training is writing the check for them to attend. The pre, on-site, and follow-up training are most critical to the retention of the subject matter. Your gym membership is not enough to get you fit, you have to go intentionally with a plan and predetermined goals. You must have a plan with the proper direction from a professional that can help you though the process, you have enough on your plate to deal with. But when it comes to training there is no “magic pill” that will make it happen with no effort on your part.

The Nexstar Training Accountability Program is centered on how to successfully send your employees to training and have their return positively affect your company with measure, specific results.