I don’t know about you, but I get confused with all the Nexstar abbreviations/acronyms.  PPC, SPP, SST, OSL, NLF,…….. XYZ!

 I can’t be the only one, am I?  

Like most people, I want to focus in on “what I really need to know NOW!”

Here’s an important acronym to become familiar with:

PPC  = Peer Profit Comparison

Okay, what is it?  That’s a fair question.

It’s relevant month-to-month  financial and operational information about your company. Why? The results are based on “Last Months”,  along with your “Trailing 12 months.”

Think of this as a real time Financial Survey—more relevant information you can act on now.

I can tell you this, if I were a member, this is would be the #1 item on my “to do list” by making sure I was participating in the PPC , and here’s why!

  • Your results are emailed to your business coach each month, AUTOMATICALLY!
  • You receive a trained set of eyes (your coach) scouring through your results every month.
  • You receive an emailed note from your coach addressing areas of concern and what you should do to turn your situation around.

Bottom line, you receive confirmation about where your opportunities for improvement exist.

Besides finding out how you are performing every month, you will now be able to see how you are performing compared to your brother/sister member companies in Nexstar.

That’s right, that’s where the “Peer Comparison” comes into the PPC (Peer Profit Comparison). It’s peer to peer contractor support!

This service is part of your membership.  There’s no additional charge!

Now the coaches are good, however, we are not magicians.  If we receive nothing, you receive NOTHING.

You have a role to play.  All members have to do is fill out an online form on the Nexstar member portion of the website, every month by the 20th of each month, with your last month’s results. It’s so easy!

Think about where this could possibly take our membership! This could morph into whatever you want, it’s your organization!