By: Jodi Peter, Nexstar Network Business Coach and Susan Kimball, Nexstar Network Marketing Coach

The 2012 Nexstar Network Peer Group Season officially kicks of this February in Paris, Texas. The host company, Hargis Electric, is a three-time  champion of the Nexstar Select Service Award of Excellence. Hargis ranked #1 in their revenue category with an 11% profit this year. Hargis’ primary trade is electrical and they have a 40% service repair percentage in residentail and 60% in commercial. Owner, Bryan Hargis, is proud of the fact that, “we have always worked very hard to provide code compliant work in every situation. We are known by the inspectors and the power companies as the local electrical contractor that does it right.”

Are you excited to learn from their success?

Nexstar Peer Group Meetings give you the opportunity to learn by witnessing group dynamics. You can harness the interactive power of a positive company culture and see how Nexstar programs work in a live operation. Participants spend one entire day exploring the host’s business. You get to tour their facilities and witness every aspect of the host company’s operations. Together, you’ll walk inside their trucks, talk to technicians, see their marketing tactics and tracking numbers, review their financial statements and discuss what works and what doesn’t.

From a business coach perspective, when I think about what Nexstar means, I think about Success through Education and Sharing.  Peer groups take this motto to the next level.  Nexstar has a waiting list every year built by members that want to host peer groups and the best of the best are chosen as hosts and 2012 is no different.  Members attend peer groups to see the inner workings of the best of the best companies, but the hosting company is not the only place where members learn.  Members spend 2 days together learning from each other as well.  Breaks, lunches and even post event conversations are filled with talk about things that are going well in member’s businesses.  Success through Education and Sharing is taken to a whole new level from the moment members get together until they jump on a plane and head home.  This is what I love best about Nexstar Peer Group events!

In the eyes of a marketing coach, one of the greatest benefits of Nexstar is the members’ willingness to share their experiences to help others. In viewing other members’ marketing materials and results, members are able to gain new ideas and resources for getting the phone to ring. What works for one member, may be tweaked to work in your market.

If you’re interested, give Nexstar a call or visit for more information. Bryan Hargis warmly welcome you to Paris, TX. He loves working in his community because, “our small community makes us focus 24/7 on doing quality work and taking care of our customers.” If you’re ready to learn from the best of the best, come on down!

Check out Hargis Electric’s Best of the Best video!

Jodi Peter enjoys guiding people down the ever-changing road to achieving their vision of success. She strongly believes in setting goals and exceeding them. She encourages members to do the same. Prior to coming to Nexstar, she served as the General Manager of a successful plumbing, heating and air conditioning company with annual sales exceeding $10 million.

Susan Kimball says that Nexstar members have widely varying marketing needs and she loves helping them find the right solutions. She helps members with everything from low cost guerrilla marketing ideas to sophisticated television campaigns. Susan keeps up with the constantly changing world of Internet marketing so members get current knowledge and resources.