By Lisa Schardt, Nexstar® Network Business Enhancement Specialist

Do you have a network? How about a group of other business people that you reach out to for answers or advice? If you answered yes, then that’s a great start right? Now ask, how many times have you actually listened to their advice or followed their suggestions?

Why not? If you’re not a member of a business network organization, my guess is you have created a peer group that helps you look your best. Maybe they are less smart than you…with fewer years of experience. Maybe they are as good as you, but they tell you things you already know. If you are satisfied with your current business and personal fulfillment, then that “network” probably works for you. But, if you know your good business can be great, you want to increase sales and profit, or if you are ready to enjoy the life you’ve built, then you probably need a more powerful network.

I am blessed to work for Nexstar Network, a leading business to business networking organization for independent home services contractors. Nexstar’s original mission was “success through education and sharing” and to help contractors operate out of a position of confidence, rather than a position of fear. Sounds nice right? But does it really happen that way? Absolutely!

Recently, I attended our service technician training at a member’s shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was completely moved by the site of nine local member trucks sharing a parking lot – as well as the 28 eager technicians from those shops teaming up to share and learn together. They put aside any thoughts of competition (from that place of fear) and really helped each other become better technicians and better businesses (now from that place of confidence). It was a truly an amazing experience, that is already producing results.

Nexstar Network Service Technician Training in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nexstar Network Service Technician Training in Minneapolis, Minnesota




This business training was the perfect example of the power of networking – which will also be evident later this week when more than 225 of Nexstar’s members gather at our Owners’ Spotlight Series in New Orleans. This leadership focused meeting will help guide owners from business management to effective leadership.

I am already the luckiest person in the world. I wake up every morning and have the privilege of working at Nexstar, truly helping people change their lives. But what I am most grateful for today, and what is truly inspiring, is how, twenty years later, our great members still embody our founding mission of “success through education and sharing”. If you are ready to learn from the RIGHT kind of network call me at 888.240.STAR (7827).