Owning your own independent home service business can be extremely rewarding, however, at times it can also be challenging and isolating. As an owner in the PHCE industry, you have many people who depend on you: customers, technicians, call center staff, office personnel, vendor partners, and the list goes on. But, who do you depend on? Who do you call when you are facing a new challenge or when you have new ideas to share? One of the benefits of joining a professional business network, such as Nexstar, is that you have a wealth of contractors at your fingertips who have knowledge and experience and are ready to share what they’ve learned with you.

A few Nexstar members were featured recently in The ACHR News commenting about the power of networking offered at national meetings. Nexstar’s next national networking opportunity will be at its annual Super Meeting October 3 – 5, in Indianapolis, IN. For more information on Nexstar or its annual Super Meeting business planning workshops, email [email protected] or call 1-888-240-STAR (7827).