by Bryan Martin, Nexstar® Network Business Enhancement Coach

Are you engaged? Do you want to be? I guess I should clarify that I’m not talking about the marrying kind of engagement here, but rather the kind that commits you to your customer. Although I guess in both cases, the engagement most often results in a long life together.

One of the things I enjoy about my job is seizing social media opportunities to engage with potential customers, or in my case, prospective members of Nexstar®. Mostly, we chat on Facebook about timely topics. I toss questions out to them so I can tune into what’s on their minds and how I can help them with some of the challenges they’re facing within their plumbing, HVAC and electrical contracting businesses.

Twitter is another great engagement tool. When I get valuable tips from contractors and the business and marketing coaches that I work with, I can “tweet them” and spark a conversation. If you have something timely to share that might be of help or interest to your customers, try “tweeting” it and see what happens.

In addition to being a vehicle for talking with your target market, your level of social media engagement influences how your website ranks with the search engines. “Tweets” and “re-tweets” help to increase your ranking, along with Facebook, blogging, YouTube, etc.

You see, I believe in my organization and I’m sincerely committed to helping contractors generate calls, implement systems, find good people, increase revenue, lighten their load and improve their lifestyle. And, the more I talk about how I can help them do that, the better our relationship becomes. In fact, I’m starting to build a relationship with you right now through this blog. Do you think you could benefit from what I’m telling you?

It’s not rocket science. It’s simply taking human interaction to another level and if you’re not engaging with your potential customers or if you’re only doing it once in a while, you’re missing out. They want to talk about the challenges they’re facing in their homes and you have solutions to these challenges!

Social media also has the ability to capture your business culture and introduce it to prospects. It’s relationship marketing because you’re reaching out to and engaging them in a way that highlights your company values and commitment to excellence. It also helps enhance your credibility and builds trust, so people turn to you when they need service. It’s not something that you can track like a phone number on a direct mail piece, but when your social media is working together with other marketing strategies, it’s a perfect orchestra.

There are approximately one billion monthly active Facebook users as of October 2012 and Twitter currently reports having over 500,000 registered users. Is your business one of them? Are you using these social media opportunities in your contracting business to engage with your target audience?

Let’s engage in conversation. Call me at 888.240.STAR (7287), Like Nexstar on Facebook , Tweet me and follow us on LinkedIn to get industry news and information.