What’s the most important part of your internet program? Do you think it’s SEO (search engine optimization)? PPC (pay per click)? Local Search? These are all good answers, but the correct answer is your website!

Don’t get me wrong – SEO, Local Search and PPC (if you decide to invest in it) are all critically important. But their primary job is to do just one thing: to get consumers to your website. Once you’ve driven traffic to your site, many things have to happen to convert a clicker into a caller.

You only get one change to give a great first impression, so what do you think consumers’ first impression will be? Does your site present your company as professional, friendly and helpful? Or does it create the impression that your company is small and unsophisticated? If your site gives the wrong impression, you might attract the wrong customers, who’ll choose your company for the wrong reasons.

Next, will consumers be able to easily find what they’re looking for, or will they have difficulty getting to the information they need to make their decisions? In other words, is your site’s navigation intuitive, or is it confusing? Consumers won’t spend a lot of time on your site if they can’t easily find what they’re looking for. They’ll quickly “bounce” (hit the back button) and check out your competitors’ sties.

Once consumers find what they’re looking for, is your copy easy to understand? Most consumers don’t know terms that you may take for granted, so make sure you speak in consumers’ language. Now take a look at the length of your copy. Most women that I speak to tell me that if your copy is too long, they won’t read it. Why? They’re impatient! So consider shortening your copy, if appropriate, and look for opportunities to break paragraphs into bulleted lists with headers. This makes it easier for your visitors to skim and find what they’re looking for.

What about your images? Are you showing equipment? This is ok, up to a point, but consumers care less about physical products than they care about the company and people that are going to sell and install or repair products, so consider showing your techs. But make sure they portray everything you want people to think about your technicians. They should look clean, friendly, helpful, and more. Also, I strongly urge you to add stock images of happy homeowners. These kinds of shots will add color, personality, energy and more to your site.

Your website will be consumers first experience with your company. Make it a great experience, and you’ll convert visitors into buyers!