By Bryan Martin, Nexstar Network Membership Sales

To operate a successful home service company, you need an organizational chart that puts the most capable people in charge of key operations and eliminates inefficiencies in your business.

It does not matter if you’re starting a new business or reorganizing your existing business, the design of your organization should not be taken lightly or overlooked. Careful consideration will result in improving productivity and communication while reducing inefficiencies.

  • Establish four key leadership positions. The general manager is a direct report to you the Owner.  He/She is responsible for the entire operation. Reporting to the general manager should be an operations manager, finance manager and a marketing manager. The service, installation, sales, call center, warehouse and fleet managers all report to the operations manager. Human resources, payroll clerks, AR/AP clerks and service contract administrators report to the finance manager. And as you would expect the marketing manager handles all things marketing.
  • What if I only have a couple employees including myself? The organizational chart above still applies. When you’re working with a small staff, each person is required to do more than one of the job functions. The key is for each of these roles to be taken on, even if, as is often the case with start-up businesses, the owner is in all these positions.  Your goal is to replace yourself one position at a time starting at the lowest level position you hold.
  • When the time comes add another role: training manager. Whether your training manager position is full time or taken on by an existing employee, someone should be responsible for maintaining a quality training program. (The training manager doesn’t necessarily do the training himself.) Customer service training and reinforcement is the key to growth and success.
  • Match the person to the job, not the job to the person. A very common practice is to promote good employees to management positions but that is usually not the right decision. It’s important to re-evaluate all positions in your company on a regular basis and either re-train or replace. Write a well-thought-out, specific job description for each position (or download them from the Nexstar Library). All job descriptions should reflect the positions as they serve the company’s needs, rather than reflecting the abilities of the people who may be holding them. Conduct interviews for each position, including current co-workers and outside applicants. Finally, choose the right person for the right job, regardless of the applicants’ previous roles.

This may seem like a daunting project but you can’t manage a home service business to its full growth potential and profitability without a solid organizational design. This Nexstar Org Chart Template and process is being used by Nexstar Network contractors successfully throughout the United States, Australia, Grand Cayman and Canada.  To see how your business aligns take this Free Business Assessment. I would be glad to help you look closer at your company’s direction and goals – Feel free to contact me any time.