Thanksgiving is one week away! Can you believe it? Here at Nexstar, we are looking forward to spending time with family and friends, giving thanks for all of our blessings, and indulging in incredible FOOD!

In the spirit of knowledge through education and sharing, over the next week, we’ll share what we’re thankful for this year, as well as our favorite recipes. From our tables to yours, we’re thankful for your friendship and we hope you have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Nexstar President and CEO, Jack Tester kicks it off with his smoked turkey and onion/sage stuffing. Jack swears this is the best stuffing in the world!

What’s Jack most thankful for this year?

“Both of my children are doing great in college and life is wonderful!!!”

Smoked Turkey & Onion/Sage Stuffing


Big bowl of dried bread cubes (don’t ask me how much but enough to stuff a turkey)

Add a couple of table spoons of dried thyme, two tablespoons of salt and a fist full of dried sage (lots of it).  Discolor the bread good with these two herbs.  Lots of flavor.

Sautee two big onions and three stalks of celery (include the leaves) and 10 cloves of garlic in butter (1.5 sticks)

You want there to be a bunch of onions in this stuffing. Way more than normal stuffing.

Mix sautéed vegetables with bread crumbs and herbs.  Mix in two raw eggs.  Add some chicken broth as necessary to hold together.


Salt inside and out.

Stuff cavity with stuffing.  Stuff neck with stuffing also.

Create low heat charcoal fire (220 degrees or so) in a smoker or weber grill.  Throw lots of wet hickory chips on coals and place turkey indirect (away from coals).  Cover and add wood chips and charcoal as necessary.  Smoke for 8 hours or until internal temperature of thigh joint is 180.

When done you will have a smoked turkey and the best stuffing in the world!!!!!!

What are your favorite Thanksgiving recipes? We’d love it if you would share them with us!