“Nice, but I think the over fancy bowl detracts from the aesthetic. That is some strong can removal work. The ridge detail is impressive.”-Tom Merriott

We’re sure you’ll really enjoy this recipe. It is a time-honored tradition from the home of Tom Merriott, Nexstar’s Call Center Excellence Coach.

Tom, what are you most thankful for this year?

“I am most thankful for my family this year but a close second is my new Nexstar family. I couldn’t be more proud to work for an organization. The members and staff are all incredible. Thank you all for the opportunity!”


 2-3 cans of Jellied Cranberry Sauce (no dents)

1 Can Opener

Dental Floss (thin, no wax, no flavors)


 Break the seal in the bottom of the can depending on the brand this can usually be done by flipping the can over in the opener and piercing the rim.

Then fully open the top of the can resisting the urge to lick the lid once it’s detached. You only need one trip to the Emergency Room to make this a life lesson.

Place a small plate over the open top of the can and flip it over, letting it rest on the counter for a while.

After five or so minutes carefully begin to slide the can up and away from the gelatinous perfection.

Don’t force it in any way. If you do and some tears off or cracks appear in the surface set that plate aside and try again. That’s why we have more than one and the rest will not go to waste.

Once you have the perfect pillar of cran leave it alone and find your presentation platform.

Resist the urge to get too fancy here. I’ve seen everything from leafy green beds to real live cranberries and things scattered about but it all just detracts from the beauty of the canberry.

If you absolutely have to garnish use any earlier mistakes at this point. Break up the other attempts into a bed that your perfect creation can rest on. This will delay the destruction by allowing your guests to take spoonfuls as they pass and admire without disturbing the pristine beauty.

Once it is resting on its side over the bed of crushed mistakes you grab a comfortable length of dental floss to make uniform cuts. I like to use a ruler on each side of the plate after I’ve squared everything up but at this point the technique is all your own. Never slice more than one or two so you leave the beauty of the can for all to see.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!