By Lisa Schardt, Nexstar® Network Business Enhancement Specialist

Nothing says Freedom more than jumping into your sports car of choice, for me it’s a cherry red Miata convertible, and cruising down the open road. You have no agenda and no deadlines; it’s just you, the road and the time to see where that road takes you.

Sounds fantastic right? Now imagine being able to feel that freedom when it comes to running your business. Most owners I talk with think they have to do it all – from finding good employees, to buying office supplies, to doing the business advertising. These owners are so busy being busy that they don’t have time to think.

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready for a change, it’s a simple, but a smart solution:

  1. Find the right people
  2. Train them correctly
  3. Empower them
  4. Let them do their jobs

Voila! Freedom! I know. Those four steps sound hard, and I assure you that it will take hard work. But the results — increased sales, increased profits and freedom — are well worth the effort.

The road to this success doesn’t have to be lonely. Nexstar® has experienced business coaches who specialize in business management, business marketing, and customer service or call center training who can walk you through each step. We have even launched the first of its kind in this industry Training Accountability Program. Julian Scadden, our new training implementation specialist, arms the managers who send staff in for Nexstar technician training with the resources, tools and support to make the training come to life in their business.

I wake up every morning and have the privilege of working at Nexstar, truly helping people change their lives and find the freedom they have earned. If you are ready to learn from the RIGHT kind of network call me at 888.240.STAR (7827).

I’ll see YOU on the open road!