Wanda hates being told what to do

In Nexstar, we frequently refer to the primary decision maker of the home as Wanda.  Wanda is the targeted demographic and makes most financial decisions about services done in her home.  I’m a business coach for Nexstar, but I am also Wanda and let me tell you, Wanda hates being told what to do.  There is nothing more frustrating than taking my car to the mechanic and being TOLD what has to be done.  Quite frankly, it makes me feel a bit helpless.  I don’t know much about what’s going on under the hood of my car and I have to take the mechanic’s word for what needs to be done.

As in home service providers, we have the opportunity to train our technicians to provide a unique experience in Wanda’s home; one that is very different than taking a car to a mechanic.  Technicians that offer options to Wanda create a far better experience than those that tell Wanda what’s broken.  In nearly every service scenario, there are multiple options that can be offered.

Let’s examine a running toilet…

  • Wanda calls a plumber out because the toilet runs continuously and the plumber discovers that the flapper is not sealing properly.  The plumber offers 3 options.
  • Option 1 – Replace flapper with a 30 day warranty
  • Option 2 – Rebuild all components in the tank, including supply lines with a 90 day warranty.  All the components within the tank are just as old as the failed flapper so this option will give Wanda piece of mind that other components won’t fail after a plumber replaces just a flapper.
  • Option 3- Replace toilet with a new water saving, more effective toilet with a 1 year warranty.  This option will make a “green’ Wanda feels good about saving water and she gets a new toilet out of the deal.

Which one will Wanda buy?  I’m not sure but what I do know is that she gets to decide.  Wanda likes to be educated and a good technician will never sell anything.

A great technician will educate the customer to buy.