Every time I speak to an owner or general manager about call center training or customer service effectiveness, I remind them of the same basic tips. One of these basic tips is:

Sit in the area where the phones are being answered.

Make an effort to sit where your CRS’s are sitting and evaluate their physical space to determine if you, or anyone, could do a productive day’s work in that physical location. Remember the role of the CSR and that their smile needs to shine through the other end of the phone, so evaluate the physical space based on these criteria:

  • Is it comfortable?
  • Is it pleasant?
  • Would it be pleasurable to spend eight to nine hours there, every day?
  • Would the surroundings enable you to keep up a good attitude?

If you are uncomfortable because the location is drafty, are distracted because it’s noisy or tired because the lighting is dark and there are no windows, imagine the impact that environment will have on your CSRs who work there every day. Make sure you have a space that will support the call center’s need to remain positive, upbeat and focused.

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Tom Merriott is a call center excellence coach and trainer with Nexstar® Network. He has managed call centers in the PHCE industries for more than 15 years. Tom is passionate about elevating the level of call center training and customer service expertise for independent residential services providers. For more information on Nexstar, visit nexstarnetwork.com , call 888.240.7827 or email [email protected].