Whether it’s off-site at a Nexstar event or in-house, training and education is always something to reward. It’s important to let your employees know that you value them and that you are investing in their future.

Ideas that demonstrate your commitment to employee development and growth:

  • Designate a defined training area – make it important
  • Bring in bookshelves and make available technical manuals and other training materials. Some people are reflective learners and need time to read and study materials on their own.
  • Add books and materials that will help employees with personal development as well as in career development. Books on investing, childrearing, coaching, or personal goals. Invite employees to bring in their own books to share with others.
  • Give all employees access to the Nexstar Employee Resource Center and The Vault.
  • Make your training area bright and comfortable. Adequate lighting and room to work is critical.
  • Before sending employees to training, explain the benefits of the class to them and th company. Let them know your expectations and what you want to see from them when they retrun. Share with them the investment you have made in them.
  • If you’re sending someone out of town for training, send a card to their spouse thanking them for the time away to invest in the future.
  • Always look at training as an investment – not an expense.