Are You Tracking Your Competitors?

When consumers make a decision to hire a service provider, they typically consider more than one company. How do you stack up versus your primary competitors? It’s easy to find out.

• Check out their websites and yellow pages ads

• Sign up online for their newsletters

• Ask one or more people from your shop to call and pretend they’re consumers. Give them a list of questions that will uncover how your competitors’ CSRs present their companies and answer questions. Questions might include; “Can you come some evening or Saturday?” and “How much will that cost?” (Note, ask these callers to use their personal phones, not your business lines, because your company’s name may show up in Caller ID windows).

• Ask a few friends and relatives to schedule service. They’ll be added to your competitors’ current customers lists, which means you’ll find out what your competitors mail to their customers, and it will give you information on how their techs deliver service. Give your “spies” a list of things to look for, for example: Are the techs clean? Do they wear shoe covers? Did they patiently listen and explain options?