By Bryan Martin, Nexstar® Network Business Enhancement Specialist

I believe that running a successful contractor business involves more than writing and implementing a strategic plan, while monitoring funds and expenses. Great plumbing, HVAC marketing plan and electrical contractors are fueled by strong systems, great coaching and peer networking that can far outweighs any single article, book or seminar.

I work for the best business development and training organization in the world and it’s a privilege to bring contractors together, help create structure and build confidence within their businesses.

Organizations like mine help businesses within our industry grow, while helping owners become better at running them. Membership dues within trade organizations can range anywhere from $50-$2000/month, depending on the services provided and your investment
comes back to you in programs and other deliverables.

Here are six of many reasons to join a group such as Nexstar Network:

  1. Networking –Membership typically offers opportunities to learn and get advice from like-minded professionals. The contracting business owners I know are invited to take the best practices of their fellow members and implement them within their own business, no strings attached! Many go so far as to form a Personal Board of Directors to support and hold each other accountable.
  2. Processes, Procedures and Policies – These three things are necessary for removing yourself from working IN the business, and allowing yourself to work ON the business. When these three things are in place, everyone takes responsibility so you can focus on the future.
  3. Coaching – There is no need to go it alone when you can get advice and support from a seasoned business coach who serves as a sounding board and helps you stay focused. A coach can help you carry out your vision and your goals.
  4. Marketing – You must KNOW your target market and how to reach them on a practical and emotional level. Business development organizations can assist and direct you on direct mail, print, radio, TV and online marketing. (No one expects you to be good at everything).
  5. Training – Are you investing in your employee’s future? Technicians, CSR’s, dispatchers, warehouse and sales staff all need ongoing training in order to succeed for themselves and your business. Training is available within most trade organizations.
  6. Vendor Discounts – Many groups, especially ones with great reputations, can obtain preferred pricing for their members for professional services, marketing, tools and training. My organization actually gives money back to our members in the form of vendor rebates and in many cases, those rebates pay for their memberships!

To get the best ROI you MUST get involved. You will gain insight and knowledge on how to improve your business and increase your profitability. It’s definitely worth it!