Sewer replacement is the hardest sale in our business. I will never forget when Jack Tester first introduced me to the concept. “You realize that if you approached a new home owner, described the entire process of how a sewer replacement would work, and then told them you’d do it for free, they’d still say no?” He’s right. The worst money people spend is money to get back to par. Yesterday everything was fine, and today they’re going to have to spend thousands of dollars just to make things fine again! But what is undeniable is that gaining a command on the sewer repair/replacement market is as crucial to the growth of a plumbing company, as system replacement is in the HVAC world. At one point in my career, I watched a colleague of mine, following Tester’s training, put our company on his back and help us through some tough times almost single handedly.

One of the keys to his success happens to be my favorite page in the Sewer Sales Replacement Guide (available to you if you attend Nexstar’s Sewer Sales class).  When I teach this class, we practice walking through this page with their customers. We take time to carefully outline where their sewer system is at and then identify what will happen if the system is not repaired. What we are really going for is a clear explanation of the current situation: we want to be knowledgeable, easy to understand and ethical. Ultimately, we need confirmation of the need for repair from the customer.  This makes it easy to ask for the sale.

The positioning is relatively simple:

Technician: “This illustration matches the conditions we were able to view with our camera. Currently, you’re at stage two. Now if left untreated, root penetration from the maple tree in your front yard will increase, causing more separation in your pipe sections. Waste water will leak out and erode the base underneath the connection, causing a total collapse. Does this make sense?”

Customer: “Yes, it does.”

Technician: “OK. The good news is that we’ve caught this while we still have several options. When your sewer line inevitably reaches a total collapse, the only solution will be to dig the yard straight through, and replace the entire line. But with your current condition, we can achieve this in a much less intrusive manner. So would you agree that it’s best that we take care of this now while we have those options available to us?”

Sewer Sales school prepares technicians to explore the customer’s situation, offer options for repair and replacement and to present your company as the most knowledgeable and professional choice to do the work. If you are looking for a way to boost your sales revenue, this class is the ultimate investment.