If you’ve made your way to this blog, you are likely an owner of or high in management at a residential service company. You may have employees you manage, and you may be the sole employee running your whole shop. If you do have people working for you, this particular post is for you.

You are a manager or supervisor—if not in name then in at least in duties. Even if you still work in your business a good portion of the time, you are getting things done for your business through others. How do you measure success in your role? Is it enough to look at income statements or sales and production reports?

Growing up, many of us had a favorite teacher, adult or person who challenged you to be your best. You can be this person for your employees. Try measuring success in your management role by your success as a mentor.

A critical part of your job is to help your people grow, both personally and professionally. Great leaders care about the whole person, not just a worker contributing to the business. Developing people helps these leaders become better members of the community at large.

Mentors don’t direct or manage—they help people develop critical thinking skills, overcome self-imposed limitations, conquer fears, find answers to problems themselves, and develop life skills for on the job and away from work.

Think about who needs your mentorship at work. The biggest impact you make in your business could be your successes through mentoring.

To be a successful mentor, you have to continually work on yourself. Let our keynote speakers at Owners Spotlight 2016 be your guide for this year: David Rendall, Les Brown, Robyn Benincasa and Rod Hairston will challenge you to find your strengths, focus on commitment, overcome limiting beliefs, and help you become a world-class leader. Find out more about Owners Spotlight.