Jim Hamilton Coaching Nexstar Members

Jim Hamilton Working With Nexstar Members

At our Super Meeting, we participated in many discussions and honed in on many activities that you can be doing to improve your business. As a recap, I’d like to recap the most important sales and operations activities that you need to be doing. These tips were shared by the panel of members featured during the Tools for Top Performance segment, but were also echoed by other members throughout the meeting.

High Impact Management Activities – Sales and Operations

•Identify the person responsible for training within your company

•Send employees to appropriate training on sales, customer service, technical and/or management

•Conduct regular staff meetings

•Show employees you want to help make them successful

•Have a proactive approach to your call center, focused on making outbound calls

•Regularly record phone calls and use them to train your CSR’s

•Dispatch the right tech to each call

•Ride along with your technicians on a regular basis

What’s your top sales and operations tool? If it’s not on this list, let us know about it!