It’s the end of March. It’s not really winter. It’s not really spring. So what is this season?

Shoulder season?
Slow season?
Poor cashflow season?
Why am I doing this season?
This too shall pass season?
I knew it was coming season?
I thought it would be different this time season?
I’m losing my best employees season?
Low conversion season?
What can I do season?

Does this sound familiar? How can you stop this insanity right here and right now? I’m going to give you some tips that you can use each year during this season. This season pops up every year, let’s be honest, it happens. You need to have the right business systems and a strong strategic plan in place to respond rather than react.

  • Here’s what I want you to do:
    – Do an assessment of all your employees from the past season
    – Ask yourself these questions: Do they need technician training or call center training? Do they have the right ability? Are they willing?
    – Then get rid of unwilling people. Right here, Right now. Don’t carry unwilling people through, but don’t cut the muscle.
    – How do you keep good employees? You carry your good service technicians and installers by scheduling system checks. If calls aren’t coming in, make outbound calls to check systems. Get your technicians in front of your customers and explore the needs they have.
  • Train Your People. Training your people will help you keep employees and benefit you when times are plentiful AND when you need to increase revenue.
  • Take Inventory – make sure the inventory in your trucks is right. Get ready now. Make sure your trucks are stocked. For HVAC marketing plan operations, that is particularly important for the upcoming changeover in your seasons.
  • Cleaning – “Nice truck…”
    – Nothing does a better job at undermining your consumer marketing than when your technician opens the door and things fall out. You have the time, right here, right now. Get the trucks cleaned.
    – Clean your office – you know who you are. Ask yourself, would your mother work in your office?
  • Know your break even.
    – If you don’t know your break even, how do you know if you’re making profit every day? Business owners who need assistance with business budgeting should seek out business training that will help them learn this concept. Companies that are members of organizations like Nexstar, have access to both business systems and business coaches who are available any time to help walk through this process.
  • Consider buying a business.
    – If buying a business is part of your strategic business plan to expand in the market – now is the perfect time to look for businesses to buy. Your competitors are going through the same things, right now, and many are rethinking their options.
  • Set up a business planning workshop.
    – Identify the changes you PLAN to make and share the financial overview of your business with your entire team. How can your team work toward a common goal, if not everyone knows or understands what that financial goal is?

Start responding and stop reacting. Responding requires you to have a plan – a plan for what you are going to do. Start planning.

Right here, right now.