If you’re reading this blog, you’re spending one of your greatest resources: your time. As a residential service company owner or manager, I want you to make the most of your time. What I would ask you to do right now, is focus on just that, your time. As the leader of your team, your company, your family, your community, what do you spend your time doing? If you were to do everything you want to do in those roles, do you have enough time? Nope. None of us do. Let’s think about how meaningful your time is, and how critical it is for you to set aside time to prioritize time.

What? That’s right. If you don’t take the time to prioritize, then you are at the mercy of endless time thieves. So how do you do this?

It is important to schedule a “sacred hour” in your week. This is a closed-door, uninterruptable time for you to plan. You can take this hour at work, or at home, or even another offsite location. This time is just as beneficial in your personal life as in your professional life. Read more about how I recommend planning for and using this “sacred hour.”

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