This post is geared toward whomever in your residential service company works in dispatch. They can be an invaluable asset to your company and have the potential to unlock opportunity and revenue for you. Share this advice with them!

As a dispatcher, you have a highly important role in your company. You’re responsible for getting the right technician into a customer’s home to solve their problems. You need to have great attention to detail. You need to know the company technicians well, in order to match their strengths with the challenges of each individual job. This is a demanding and sometimes stressful position to be in. And so, as dispatchers we are not always maximizing every opportunity. We often just book whoever is available for the next job.

I’ve been in your position—when I worked in dispatch there were times when I had all calls booked by 8 a.m. and got to spend the rest of my day reading the newspaper.

But you need to stop this behavior today. You are preventing your company from moving to the next level.

This is not a set-it-and-forget-it job. You should be looking to maximize every opportunity by comparing the calls on the board to the ones coming in from the call center. Look at the details, learn your technicians’ strengths and send the right people to the right job.

You’re not in charge of shutting down the call center; just because you have a full board, it’s not your job to tell CSRs to stop taking calls. If you want to do this—you can be replaced by a computer program. You are a thinking, professional human being doing the job in order to maximize those calls. You’re the hinge of success for this company.

You can start small with this. If you do both CSR and dispatch—overbook your day in small increments. You’re going to think it’s too much and that you can’t make every customer happy, but don’t get overwhelmed yet.

Start with three calls. Even one. See if you don’t end up running the call because something else fell apart. This is not easy—nothing worthwhile ever is. This is how your company will grow and thrive.