I am reminded of Charles Dickens’ famous book The Christmas Carol in which the main character, a selfish and greedy businessman named Ebenezer Scrooge, is visited by three ghosts. These ghosts represent his past choices, his present circumstances and the future that awaits Scrooge if he continues to live his life in the same manner. Their visits serve as a reminder that how we live our lives and impact others comes back to us tenfold – and ultimately help Scrooge mend his ways and fulfill his life.

NexstarI am sure as business leaders none of us are Scrooge in our companies, but at times we need to make difficult decisions. As long as we make business decisions with the longevity of our business in mind, along with concern for our employees and commitment to our customers, we will be able to work through tough times and celebrate victories. To follow the Dickens’ metaphor, let’s simply call this process the visiting of business past, present and future. First, break down your year into four equal three month quarters. By taking this approach we see a more accurate picture without feeling overwhelmed with the task.

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