Get Going Now! If you are ready to make a positive change for yourself in 2014 by operating your business differently, then get your comfy shoes on because you had better get going now. No matter what the external forces are, a company run by engaged leadership will find ways to grow and prosper. In January’s Reeves Journal, I outlined how focusing on four areas of your business can help drive better results in 2014:

  • Inspired, engaged leadership
  • Consistent and memorable marketing
  • Great training… that sticks
  • Across-the-board accountability

Scott Pearson is the Coaching Manager for Nexstar® Network, and has been guiding companies in the PHCE industry for nearly 15 years. Pearson works directly with member companies and also leads Nexstar’s dedicated coaching team. Click here to learn more about Scott and the Nexstar Coaches, or call 888.240.STAR to get your business planning workshops.