Residential Service Business: Who’s in Charge of Your Play Off Run?

It’s second down on your own 40 yard line, with three minutes left in the fourth quarter. Your running back was stuffed at the line on the first down, aHIgh School Score Boardnd now you have two more plays to keep the ball moving before you are in “Hail Mary” mode. You call your quarterback to your side and hand the play calling over to him. After all, he is the lynch pin of your entire offense. And if you think about it more, your quarterback is the pivotal player for the entire team.

He knows the strengths and weaknesses of your offense, and defense, better than you or your assistant coaches. He has nearly memorized the playbook and can recall film after film of games just like this one. He knows how to manage you, by being humble, allowing you to think you know more than him, but silently confident in the fact that he may actually know more than you.

Now, apply this to your own residential service business coaching. Whether you are in plumbing, heating, air conditioning or electric, you face similar situations frequently in your own field. Which play you run now to address each business challenge could determine if your business are also in “Hail Mary” mode or making a run at the play offs. You need someone you can trust to help guide your team, and you, on these pivotal decisions. So, like a head coach, you look for your quarterback, your all-star, who for many of you is your service manager.

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