Every year, Nexstar Network members host a peer group or two, which are events open to a limited number of both Nexstar members and those interested in joining Nexstar. It’s an invaluable way to look closely at another business’ practices and to find out whether Nexstar is right for you.

On February 17-19, Nexstar member Dutton Plumbing will be opening its doors to share its business practices. Attendees will have an up-close look at the shop, the books, the processes, and more.

Dutton Plumbing Quick Facts: 

  • Founded in 1987.
  • $7-million revenue.
  • 100% residential plumbing and drains.
  • 48 employees.
  • 25 trucks.
  • 20-mile trade-area radius.
  • Joined Nexstar in 2013.

Dutton Plumbing is located in the predictably sunny Simi Valley, California, but Simi Valley’s mountainous views and distance from Los Angeles hubbub give it a different, relaxed feel, even though it’s not near a beach.

Even with this pleasant atmosphere, Dutton Plumbing is anything but sluggish. The company is constantly changing and striving forward to be the best it can be. The company managers realize change is inevitable, so they embrace it and all of the challenges that can come with it.

“I don’t look at my steps, I look down the road,” said Eric Dutton, owner of Dutton Plumbing.

The company makes sure to utilize everything Nexstar has to offer, and it shows, according to Nexstar Business Coach Jodi Peter.

“They went from no focus, with no direct leadership with their frontline technicians, to completely dialed in to every detail of their business,” Peter said. “Once I get their buy in on something, it’s done. They’re off and running.”

You could also see this success first hand. Dutton General Manager Eric Falconer was inspired to host his own peer group after attending one hosted by a fellow Nexstar member, Mainstream Electric. He said he looks forward to being able to show what the business does well, but also hearing the advice attendees will give.

“I hope that they can really dig in and find all these skeletons for us so I’ll be like, I didn’t even know there was a closet there!” Falconer said.

Read more about Dutton Plumbing in Nexstar’s “At Your Service” magazine here.