As a business coach, I talk to many contractors who wear every emotion on their sleeves, and their businesses reflect it. When business is good, the owner and managers are a pleasure to be around, but when business is slow, bad attitudes are abundant. And, we all know bad attitudes completely undermine the success of your company.

During the slow times, like the holidays, is when we need our people to be at the top of their game. The pressure and anxiety you feel most likely comes every year, and the trick is to not pass those feelings on to the rest of your team. 

Whatever you do, resist the urge to complain and vent at the shop. Why? The problem with verbalizing our frustrations in front of our team is we never fully calculate the ramifications of a throw-away comment.

Read my article on how to not be the Grinch in your shop this season. For more tips on employee communication tools and resources as well as how to manage through the slow seasons, contact us or call (888) 240-7827.