You hear it all the time, but we can’t say it enough: You have to be the force of change in your business.

It sounds daunting—but it doesn’t have to be. Making changes in your business often starts with making changes in your life. Try choosing one skill or area in your life you would like to improve on and focus on that. It can be something directly or indirectly related to your business, as long as you are passionate about growth in that area. Here are three ways to help you achieve your goal this year:

Personal growth plan: Yes, another plan for something. But this is arguably the most important—if you’re not able to commit to making changes in yourself, how will you commit to making changes in your business? You need to have concrete actions planned to help you reach your goal, for example, reading books or committing to a class about your chosen skill. You have an entire year to do this, so break it down into manageable pieces.

Accountability: It’s not enough to come up with a goal for change and keep it to yourself. You need to have someone else in on this. Choose someone who won’t let you get away with anything. Even if this person only checks in with you about your goal once or twice this year, sometimes not knowing when they might ask is enough to get motivated. If your style is more someone who will bring it up all the time, that’s OK too—just choose a person who will work best for your learning style, and never forget that ultimately, this is on you.

Time: It might take a behavior change, but you can find the time to work on yourself this year. For example, get the recorded version of the book you want to read, and listen to that on your commute instead of your usual fare. Don’t wait around to start until you have the time—make the time.

Remember, what you want to accomplish this year does not have to be big, but long-term growth has to start somewhere. I’m just asking you to commit to changing one aspect of yourself or your life this year. You may find that it was so fulfilling you will want to do it next year, and the next, and the next…

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