By Lisa Schardt, Nexstar Network® Business Enhancement Specialist

As many of you know, I profess to have the BEST job in the world. I have the opportunity to work with hardworking, ethical, committed residential service contractors when they are at a crossroad in their business. Don’t misunderstand; people who call me are rarely in dire financial ruin. It’s quite the opposite. They call me because business is growing like crazy, without business systems, processes or tools in place to control it. The business is running these owners, instead of them running the business.

Everything is spinning out of control. The owner’s personal relationships are at risk, their health suffers, their employees can do nothing right, they are working ridiculous hours, they are crabby and irritable – basically, they are miserable! They are making money (our goal, right?), but they can’t understand why they are so darn unhappy.

Sound familiar? If you worked with me when joining Nexstar, we probably had similar conversations. Here is where the “Best Job in the World” comes in.

Many times I receive unsolicited calls from Nexstar members, usually about a year after joining our networking group. They can’t believe what’s happened to them in only 12 months. They feel compelled to thank me for “twisting their arm” to join. As most of you know, I am a softie and don’t hard sell anyone, but I listen.

Now I listen as they tell me how life has turned around, how their marriage is healing, how they are enjoying their business, how they have hired great employees, how they are giving back to the community, and how their health has improved. Most striking to me is they are having fun again! Yes, FUN! It’s an emotional conversation from the heart, ending with the exact same phrase, “I wish I would have joined Nexstar years ago.”

Life is funny like that. We would have…We should have…We could have…We all have a “guilt monkey” on our back for one thing or another. I like to call this “rear view mirror” thinking. When driving through life, we have a huge windshield before us (our future) and a tiny mirror to look behind us (our past). Shouldn’t we spend our time looking toward our future, and not regretting things already behind us? Live without regret. It’s a freeing concept once you adopt it.

That’s how I feel about plumbing, HVAC or electrical contractors who join Nexstar. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Once you are part of our family of nearly 500 contractors like you, world-class sales and customer service training, and dedicated business, call center and marketing coaches, we can begin to look out that windshield with optimism, together.

So, the next time you begin a sentence with “I should have,” snap yourself out of it and focus on the WINDSHIELD! It’s a big beautiful view!

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